2014 MRA Insights & Strategies Conference

What: Your Mom Was Wrong – Why You Should Follow a Fast Crowd

Where: MRA Insights & Strategies Conference | Chicago, IL

When: Wednesday, June 4th 11:30am CST

Who: Sandy McCray, Insights Curator, Intengo & Scott Tang, Marketing Strategy & Analysis Lead, SapientNitro

If you are playing it safe with your research in 2014, you’re being irresponsible and possibly dangerous to your business. But how can you carefully consider both traditional research and a growing list of innovative methods to choose the best one in a timely fashion? In this session, we’ll use a client case study to demonstrate crowdsourced ideation, a method of uncovering a wide variety of concepts and ideas before you start the concept screening/testing process. This will be followed by a prediction market exercise in which we’ll use the crowd to filter out over-stated purchase intent and flat-line results to pinpoint the most attractive of the list of ideas for a specific target audience.

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