Where Can a Fast Crowd Take You?

We’re a small but energetic and innovative team, dedicated to helping you find new ideas, supporting your decisions with data, and pushing the research envelope. We work hard, play hard, love what we do, and would love to work with you.

Have no fear, we have a history in traditional research and marketing consulting, and offices in Denver and Atlanta. We partner with forward-thinking teams and businesses across the U.S. and around the world. To join them, contact us at 855.844.3172 or AskUs@gointengo.com

Meet Our Team

Kyle Burnam, Idea Accelerator and CEO

A visionary and rule-breaker, Kyle has an endless energy for innovation (both ours and yours!).

Kyle helps clients move from ideas to final executions at hyper speed. If a client has a perplexing challenge, he’s ready to take it on. Out of his work in traditional research, he co-created Intengo’s prediction market platform, the only one patented for concept testing. And out of client requests, he’s created methodologies for ideation, idea filtering and more. Kyle is an expert in crowdsourced techniques, with more than eight years of experience using them to solve consumer insight challenges.

When Kyle isn’t being the boss, he’s being a boss dad to his kids, hunting in the mountains, and curating an incredible craft beer selection

Jared Shadix, Insights Architect

Jared is fluent in most participant dialects, and has a penchant for pithy one-liners.

In addition to bringing a fresh perspective to development and marketing work for Intengo; Jared finds insights buried within data. His analyses help create the story behind report findings, particularly in capturing and reflecting the explicit and implicit key messages in verbatim commentary. His work demonstrates that language is nuanced and complicated in a way that cannot be captured by word clouds or machines – there are emotions behind the words!

When Jared isn’t mining meaning, he occupies himself with backpacking trips to the mountains, a burgeoning interest in astrophotography, and woodworking.

Pioneering Smarter Testing

We earned our first patent for our breakthrough prediction markets in 2009.


US Patent 8,285,632
Method and apparatus for online prediction of product concept.

Today, we continue to harness “the wisdom of the crowd” in new and innovative ways, so our clients can make informed decisions and move their businesses forward.